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Literature Holders

Literature Holders

Business Card Dispensers

Type Price

a. Portrait dispenser

£1.50 +VAT each

b. Landscape dispenser

£1.50 +VAT each

Leaflet Dispensers

Type Price

DL leaflet dispenser

£2.50 +VAT each

A5 leaflet dispenser

£3.50 +VAT each

A4 leaflet dispenser

£4.50 +VAT each

Print Displays

Single-sided print holders Price

A5 single-sided holder

£3.25 +VAT each

A4 single-sided holder

£4.00 +VAT each

Double-sided print holders Price

A5 double-sided holder

£4.95 +VAT each

A4 double-sided holder

£5.50 +VAT each

A3 double-sided holder

£11.95 +VAT each

Double-sided swing wing Price

A6 swing wing holder

£4.70 +VAT each

A5 swing wing holder

£5.95 +VAT each

A4 swing wing holder

£7.50 +VAT each

Other print displays Price

c. Six sided DL display

£10.00 +VAT each

d. Toblerone DL display

£10.50 +VAT each

All these products and more are available to buy online from our sister website, snapframecity.

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